Behind the Scenes: How to Book an Amazing Show
By Becky Beggs

  • Posted on 1st July 2015

Do you ever wonder how all of the shows and events make it to the Erwin Center’s stage? When you host everything from Lady Gaga to Fleetwood Mac to Sesame Street Live, booking events is no small task! We sat down with the venue’s two most important decision makers, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director John Graham and Senior Associate Director Jimmy Earl, to talk about work, music and why they love what they do.

Applause Blog (AB): You’ve been working for the Erwin Center for a combined total of over 50 years. Tell us about your career paths within the events and entertainment industry.
Jimmy Earl: John and I both had similar paths. We both have event management backgrounds and started in the event operations area. I worked as an executive assistant and was the events manager here, then I managed a convention center in Fort Worth.
John Graham: For me, I started as an event manager at another arena. The events side is where the rubber really meets the road. Then, I became assistant director and associate director. I did that for about ten years and then came to Texas. Progressively, I started doing more and more things. I started out as an event manager, then booking some things and then doing all the things.
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