On the Road with Michael Bublé

  • Posted on 28th July 2014
FEATURED - Jacob Rodriguez - Buble Tour 2010 - photo Anna Wong

On August 3, Grammy Award-winner Michael Bublé will return to the Erwin Center stage for his biggest production to date bringing his crew of incredibly talented musicians along with him. One of the musicians you’ll see on stage is Jacob Rodriguez, a saxophone player from San Antonio, Texas.

Rodriguez first picked up the saxophone in the 6th grade and hasn’t put it down since. He studied jazz briefly at Texas State (formerly Southwest Texas) before transferring to the Manhattan School of Music where he did a six year stint, plowing through his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Jazz Studies. After playing several gigs, going to shows and crashing jam sessions, Rodriguez became great friends with Nick Vayenas, the original trombonist for Bublé. Vayenas set up an audition for him with musical director, Alan Chang, and he’s been on the road ever since.

Rodriguez was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us about life on the road and working with Bublé. From what we learned, it seems that working and traveling with Michael Bublé is a pretty sweet gig!

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Jacob Rodriguez - Table Mountain National Park - photo credit Rob Wilkerson

Photo: Rob Wilkerson

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