How Texans Survive Winter

  • Posted on 22nd December 2014

When it comes to summer, Texans are some of the toughest folks around. We endure day after day of 100 plus degree temps with little to no rain and WE ENJOY IT. Our attitudes change drastically, though, at just the thought of freezing temps. For us, the exact temperature of freezing is not your standard 32 degrees. Anything below 50? Yep, that’s cold enough for us.

So what do Texans do to survive the arctic, wintry weather that arrives sporadically a whopping 19 days (on average in Austin) in a year?

At the first sight of a cold front, we dig through the deep depths of our closets to find the one and only heavy coat we own.
One Coat_Jeff Ruane

Photo by Jeff Ruane

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