11 Emojis for the Event and Arena Industry

By Laura Bennett

2015 has been a game-changing year for Emojis. What began as a creative way to add emotions to your simple text messages has now turned into an art form. Even with the addition of 300 new emojis to the catalog this year, some still believe there is room for improvement. College students and Texans, just to name a few, have expressed their suggestions for improvement, so we thought we would share our ideas for Event and Arena Industry emojis that should be included in the inventory. Check out our creations and tell us your favorites!

The Ear Plugs: Ear protection is key!


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Walkie Talkie: How else are staff members going to communicate?


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Security Guard: “Try to go through that barrier, I dare you.”


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Step and Repeat Banner: The perfect back drop for your photos.


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Merch Stand: Nothing says “I had a great time at the concert last night!” like a tour t-shirt!


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The #1 Fan: They’re the ones waiting at the doors eight hours before the show.


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Meet and Greet: Where dreams come true.


Emoji by Cat Weed

The VIP: Very, very important people.


Emoji by Cat Weed

The Ticket:Don’t forget it!


Emoji by Cat Weed

The “Doors Open”: You only get asked a million times on show day what time it’s happening.


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien

The Rainbow Spill: Whoopsies! Someone had too much candy.


Emoji by Amanda O’Brien
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