The 11th Annual Pie Day

Pie Day at the Frank Erwin Center - photo Megan Appell

Every year, the events department at the Erwin Center hosts “Pie Day,” which is a full day dedicated to delicious sweets. This brilliant idea came from our wonderful Assistant Events Manager Rachel McGruder. Back in 2003, Rachel (then an usher supervisor) developed an interest in learning how to bake and strived to perfect her mother’s homemade lemon meringue pie. After several failed attempts with the gel filling, Rachel asked her fellow usher supervisor’s for their tricks of the trade and thus, Pie Day was born.

The first Pie Day was held in the spring of 2003 during a UT Basketball double-header. Clever Rachel discovered that hosting Pie Day on a double-header event meant two shifts worth of pies – equaling a win for everybody. Although pie was the dessert of choice for Rachel, various desserts were also welcomed.

Pie Day at the Frank Erwin Center - photo Rachel McGruder

Pie Day was so successful that the following year people who were not even scheduled to work that particular day showed up with delectable treats! After several years, other departments in the building and at the UT campus got wind of this annual day of baked goods and are now a part of it as well. Last year, Pie Day was held Friday, Feb. 9, 2013 when the UT Men’s Basketball team played Oklahoma State at 12:45 p.m. and the UT Women’s basketball team played Baylor at 7 p.m. In total, there were 115 homemade and store-bought sweet treats!

This year, Pie Day was Saturday, Feb. 1 when the UT Men’s Basketball team beat No. 6 Kansas 81-69! We didn’t have a double-header this basketball season, so Rachel decided to pick Saturday, Feb. 1 because she figured it would be a really good game – and she was right. However, we can think of another reason as to why Pie Day would be this particular weekend. Pie Day right before the Super Bowl? Now that’s good. Thanks Rachel! For Pie Day 2014, there were 75 desserts total. Thanks to Pie Day, Rachel is now a baking queen and made a delicious coconut and chocolate pie to prove it!

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