All Things Fall

All Things Fall - Photos by Roy Mata, Gary Miller and Jojo

FALL IS HERE! The changing of seasons when summer reluctantly begins to lose its grip… well maybe. Football season is going full force and we all look forward to that. For those of us here in Texas, fall also means a time change or falling back to that coveted extra hour of sleep coming real soon!

Texas Longhorns Basketball Court Installation - Photo by David Mazariegos

Texas Longhorns Basketball Court Installation

However, did you know there is a group that works tirelessly as you sleep? They are the heart and soul of the Erwin Center, the facility crew. Our facility crew ranges in size from 20 to as large as 75 for quicker and more complicated changeovers. Changeovers, or conversions, are what occur between events. For example, to go from a major concert setup to a basketball game can – with great skill and planning – happen overnight. How about a major concert to a basketball game and back to a major concert? No problem, our crew can do it. They are among the best in the country at what they do. Bear in mind, the Erwin Center basketball court is made up of 244 8-by-4 feet sections and weigh nearly 200 pounds each, and a professional entertainment stage may consist of more than eight platforms. But, with the skill of a well-choreographed team the crew can construct the court in a mere 3 hours and 40 minutes and complete event conversion in roughly eight hours.

Brian Stovall, the Facility Services Manager at the Frank Erwin Center

Brian Stovall, the Facility Services Manager at the Frank Erwin Center

So, as our Longhorn basketball teams prepare to start the season, remember when you see them on the court and cheer them on to victory, there is another team at the Erwin Center that should get credit for an assist. They are responsible for the housekeeping, conversions and most of all helping us all sleep a little better.

-Jimmy Earl, CFE, Associate Director

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