Behind the Scenes with Doc McStuffins!

Doc McStuffins - Photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

In less than 10 days, Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate and Princess Adventure will sail into the Erwin Center! We recently had the opportunity to interview Cierra Sanford, the actress who portrays Doc McStuffins, to learn more about the show, her background and life on the road.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Cierra began performing at just seven years old. She has dabbled in gymnastics, cheerleading and dance throughout her career and was a member of her high school dance team, a Detroit Pistons cheerleader and a University of Michigan cheerleader. Cierra auditioned for Disney in May 2013 and since then her world has changed. She is constantly traveling and performing in different cities throughout the U.S. and is enjoying every minute of this experience. Read our interview with Cierra below!

Doc McStuffins - Photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

Doc McStuffins portrayed by Cierra Sanford

When did you know you wanted to work in this profession?

I’ve always enjoyed dance but thought of it as just a hobby for most of my life. When I was on my high school dance team I was introduced to the world of dance through numerous dance festivals. That’s when I realized I could and would want to pursue performing as a career.

What do you enjoy the most about portraying Doc McStuffins?

I love that she’s an honest and caring character. I think it’s cool to have a show with a character that educates kids about going to the doctor, getting check-ups, etc. I think the show incorporates Doc McStuffins in a really clever way.

Tell me a little more about the pre-show and your role during the show.

The pre-show starts 10 minutes before the show, and it is a mini clinic segment of what would happen in an actual Doc McStuffins show. It’s very interactive and includes singing and dancing numbers. During the pre-show the house lights are up and I love seeing the audience!

Tell me about your schedule. What does a typical show day look like for you?

On the morning of the show day we’ll have warm-ups and breakfast. During this time, the performance director will give us notes from previous shows, what to work on, etc. Depending on the number of shows, we’ll break in between shows and go to catering. After we’re finished, we’ll pack up, the crew takes off and we’ll go to the next stop on the tour.

How do you prepare before going on stage?

My warm-up helps me a lot. I throw on Pandora and listen to music. I love listening to Michael Jackson! All his songs are good songs and make me feel better.

Disney Junior Live On Tour - Photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

The cast of Disney Junior Live On Tour

Tell me about the other cast mates. What do you all like to do for fun?

We like to go out to eat, go sight-seeing in the different cities we travel to and look up what people recommend for us to do. We travel by truck and bus so we are together every day, non-stop. Recently, we had a Halloween party and a Secret-Santa.

What do you like to do during your spare time?

I really love reading and cooking. “The Hunger Games” is definitely on my to-do list. I LOVE making chili, tacos are quick and easy and pasta is always good!

Have you been to Austin, Texas before? What are you looking forward to doing while in Texas?

I have never been to Austin or Texas before. I do have cousins in Texas, and they will be coming to the Austin show so I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’m also looking forward to the warmer weather and eating good barbecue.

Is there anything you would like to tell Austin fans about the show?

They should be prepared for a really fun time! Both Sofia and the pirates are interactive in their own ways and the kids should interact and sing-a-long with us. It’s really like watching the show on TV. It’s definitely a high energy show and I think the whole family will enjoy it!

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