Flashback Friday: Dancing with Billy Idol

By Cambria Sawyer

In his just-released autobiography, rock legend Billy Idol describes himself in the early stages of his career as “one more explorer doing his damndest to act unafraid in the face of his exceedingly uncertain future.” To many, these feelings of apprehension, aimlessness, personal indecision and second-guessing hit home. Idol’s advice on these very real anxieties? Stop worrying. And then go for it, whatever your passion may be.

The pioneer MTV Megastar, who rocked the Frank Erwin Center stage on Oct. 10, 1990 during his Charmed Life Tour, announced his upcoming tour of his soon-to-be-released album “Kings and Queens of the Underworld” on NBC‘s “Today Show” Tuesday, Oct. 7. Sensationalized world tour and album debut aside, Idol’s announcement jointly marked the release date of his autobiography “Dancing with Myself,” which serves to give each reader perspective of his personal mistakes as well as adventures.

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In his autobiography, Idol addresses the fact that he was not always in a state of opportunity and self-assurance, but instead introduces himself as “William Michael Albert Broad, a working-class kid from the suburbs of London: a dreamer with his nose forever in a book, cursed with feeling too much, dreaming too big and suffering slights too deeply.”

Photo courtesy of Frank Erwin Center

Idol ultimately found his “golden key” away from this uncertainty in his love for rock and roll. He stopped questioning his desires so that he could start pursuing them.

Written by Idol himself rather than the customary ghost-writers that most celebrities employ for their autobiography, “Dancing with Myself” is “a survivor’s story at its heart.” He details his journey from ambitious nobody to chaotic somebody, ultimately arriving at the present with searingly honest anecdotes of drugs, alcohol, hospitals and mistakes.

Photo courtesy of Frank Erwin Center

Idol openly admits to flaws in his judgment even after he “found his way,” yet alludes to the fact that wholeheartedly engaging in his passion was undoubtedly the right choice. He promises to share the thrills of his off-stage adventures and misadventures alike, proudly stating in an interview with USA Today, “I had a whale of a time. I got to do what I love. Most people don’t get that chance in life and I did.”


Photo courtesy of Frank Erwin Center

So while you wait for Idol’s tour to start its North American leg this January, put on some “Kings and Queens of the Underworld,” which drops Oct. 21, knock back a few pumpkin pies and spend a nice afternoon reading how a bookworm learned to rock out, a writer became a dancer and how peoples’ ambitions are surprisingly on target despite our occasional lack of clarity.

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