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Have you or someone you know fallen victim to a ticketing scam? It happens everywhere and unfortunately, the live entertainment industry is no exception. When you purchase a ticket from a third party, there is no way to guarantee that your ticket is valid. You run the risk that the original purchaser will request a change – reprint, refund, or exchange – making the third party ticket invalid. That’s why you should always purchase your tickets to Frank Erwin Center events from (TBO). TBO is the official ticketing site of the Frank Erwin Center as well as Texas Athletics and Texas Performing Arts.

To avoid getting scammed, here are some tips to help you decipher between a valid ticket purchased from TBO and an invalid ticket.

The ticket buyer’s name will always be printed on the print-at-home ticket.

Buyer Beware - REAL TICKET - Name and Account Number

The dollar value will always be listed on the print-at-home ticket. TBO will never hide this information.

Buyer Beware - REAL TICKET - Price

Check the two bar codes on your print-at-home ticket and make sure they match. The bar codes on TBO tickets will ALWAYS match.

Buyer Beware - REAL TICKET - Bar Codes

When you choose the Print at Home option from, you will receive two emails within minutes after your purchase: a confirmation of ticket purchase email and an email with a pdf attachment with the actual ticket(s).  

Buyer Beware - Print at Home Emails

TBO only mails hard tickets, not paper tickets.

Buyer Beware - Real Hard Copy Ticket

Pay attention to detail.

When browsing the internet, always pay attention to detail to make sure you are purchasing directly from TBO. Read carefully to know who you are buying from.  Google ‘frank erwin center’ and you may see the website “” This is NOT our website. When you click the link to this site, it says at the top “no affiliation with official site.” Again, pay attention to detail.  The official Frank Erwin Center website is

Visit the Frank Erwin Center website to see who's coming, and subscribe to Be the First to Know to get a jump on upcoming pre-sales and ticket giveaways.

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