Concerts are like Thanksgiving…

By Cambria Sawyer

After analyzing the uncanny similarities between the inner workings of both concerts as well as the Thanksgiving dinner table, we came to only one logical conclusion: Concerts are a lot like Thanksgiving. In fact, they are practically the same thing. Not convinced? Let our research speak for itself.

Strangers. Strangers everywhere.
You may or may not have ever met your step-great-aunt-twice-removed on your mother’s side before, but now she is calling herself Susan and asking literally every possible question about who you’re dating and your plans for life. Let’s be honest. You came for the pie, and while it can be fantastic when you make a new best friend at the George Strait concert, at some point during the night, all you will care about is jamming out to the main attraction. Whether that be music or pie is up to individual interpretation.

Photo by Espen Sundve

A pie is like a ticket…if you didn’t bring one you can’t get in.
Sticking with the pie analogies, let’s discuss Thanksgiving pastry politics. You know better than to come empty-handed. The tastier the pie, the more privileges you are granted. If you go all out, you will most assuredly be given VIP status among guests, perhaps even be seated at the adult table. This level of prestige can be obtained via a genuine, homemade pecan pie. Of course you could bring some cheesecake or deviled eggs, you just may not receive court side seats.

Mosh Pit
You have a magnificent feast before you. Roasted turkey, pineapple ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, steaming dinner rolls, green beans and you’ve been waiting all year for it. When those doors open at showtime, the human flood begins and everyone flocks to see the headliner of the evening. Same goes for dinnertime on Thanksgiving. Everyone is in agreement that the feast is the headliner. You tell yourself, I am not going to be the last one in line. Ironically enough, your seats are numbered and there are always plenty of leftovers, yet the sense of urgency and ensuing mosh pit lives on.

Photo by Flickr user dr_zoidberg

Absolute Exhaustion
By the time you drag yourself into bed from either one of these scenarios, it is time to hibernate. Between all of that moshing, screaming the lyrics to your favorite song, screaming even more when the lead singer looks your direction and winks (it was definitely at you and not one of the other 3,000 people on your half of the venue), baking pies, describing your life goals to relatives and succumbing to FTST (Full Tummy Sleepy Time) from consuming unimaginable amounts of food, sleep is eminent and happily welcomed.

Photo by Tony Alter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and rock on!

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