The Only Constant Thing is Change

The Only Constant Thing is Change - Photo of John Graham by Matthew Kivett

Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus articulated this simple yet profound observation about 2,600 years ago. The strength of his observation remains in force here and today two and a half millennia and half a world away. Applause, the entertainment monthly of the Frank Erwin Center since 1980, is evolving to meet the changing interests and habits of our readers and guests, from the original hard copy publication that went out to as many as 80,000 a month to Applause – The Frank Erwin Center Blog that can be shared online with the world. Maybe even with someone in rural Greece.

Our new digital format will allow us and you to be more engaged in the sports and entertainment information related to the events at the Frank Erwin Center. Our goal is to bring special behind-the- scenes and up-close experiences to our readers and at the same time, receive your personal feedback to our blog so that we can all be part of the new Applause Blog world.

For example, do you know how many semi-tractors full of stage gear were loaded into and out of the Frank Erwin Center in less than 24 hours for our recent Taylor Swift concert in May? Twenty-three. Each one carrying more equipment, gear and do-dads than can fit in the average house. And just imagine, as soon as you get the trucks unloaded and everything in its place, doing what it’s supposed to do, you have to turn around and load it all out and get the trucks off to Dallas.

And did I mention that as soon as we got Taylor’s trucks loaded and waved adios, we began loading in Sir Paul McCartney’s trucks?

Now that’s another story and maybe next time I’ll have photos to share.

We’ll have a lot more to tell you about in the coming months. Changes in more ways than we even know, but that is the only constant.

-John Graham, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director

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