Dog Days of Summer

By Laura Bennett

With three digit temperatures in our near forecast, the Dog Days of Summer are finally upon us. We know the heat can sometimes make you grouchy and irritable, so crank up the air conditioning and check out these photos of our furry friends to bring a smile to your flushed, sweaty face.

Meet Buttercup. This five year old is very athletic and loves swimming and playing with her best friend Barkley the Labradoodle.
Buttercup and Barkley

Butters McFly is the coolest dog on the block. He’s full of energy and longs to be outside at all hours of the day, even when it’s 100 degrees.
Butters McFly
Butters’ brother Thrash isn’t as big of a fan of summer as he is.

Roxie and Koda are the definition of best friends for life. These two could play fetch all day long if their parents had the energy to throw the ball for them.
Roxie and Koda

Dirk is a five year old lab mixed with a little bit of giant. This big boy is a true outdoorsman and loves deer antlers!
Jessica's Dog

Pictured here as a puppy, this beautiful blue-eyed baby is Maya. She’s all grown up now, and is spending her summer days keeping cool watching movies in the house with the cat.
Maya 2

Nico is a five-year-old Goldendoodle who loves chasing water from the sprinkler, guarding his house from the front bay window and snuggling with his boy for long naps on the couch.

Pictured here in their natural state of basking in the sun and not listening to mom, Jocko and Buster are the kings of their household. After a long day of sun bathing, chewing up furniture and not greeting their parents when they get home from work, these like to snuggle up on their favorite chair.
Senjis pt 2

We think it’s safe to say the award for “Best Smile” goes to this lovable boy, Max. Just look at that adorable grin!

This booty belongs to Yoda, a 10 year old corgi He’s an older corgi who has a zen way about him and totally uses the force to get treats. In the heat of the summer there’s nothing he loves more than laying flat with his belly on the cold floor.

Sisters Maylee and Annie are professional squirrel hunters. They spend the majority of their day on the back of the couch, staring out of the window and waiting patiently for the next silly squirrel to make its way to the pecan tree.
Maylee and Annie

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  1. Anonymous · July 24, 2015

    Cute story!

  2. laura walling · July 24, 2015

    I recognize a few of those cute faces! enjoyed your article!!

  3. Anonymous · July 29, 2015

    What adorable doggies! 😀

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