Father’s Day DOs and DON’Ts Guide: Getting Dad What He Really Wants for Father’s Day

By Guest Blogger Josh Rodriguez – Texas Dad Blog

As Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I got to thinking, “What do Dads really want for Father’s Day?” I have been a Dad for five years now and every gift I have received has been awesome! Everything from a card, hand-drawn by my oldest son to a piece of paper my youngest scribbled on and handed to me while repeating “Da Da DA DADA!”

I reached out to a few other Dads and asked what the best and worst Father’s Day gifts they received were. I received some interesting answers. One Dad, who wished to remain anonymous said, “The worst gift I have received in my forty plus years of being a Dad and Grandpa, was socks.” Another Dad I asked said the best gift he ever received for Father’s Day was an authentic game-worn New Orleans Saints jersey. One Dad said that his best gift was a bottle of brandy he had never tried before.

After talking with a few Dads and finding out what these guys really liked and didn’t like from previous gifts, I came up a with a few DOs and DON’Ts when getting us Dads that special gift for Father’s Day.

DOs and DON’Ts Guide: Getting Dad what he really wants for Father’s Day:

DON’T get Dad a pair of new white or black (boring) socks! Even though he may need some new socks and you don’t have a ton of money to spend this year on Dad, under no circumstance get Dad a boring pair of socks.

DO get Dad a monthly subscription to a sock club, for example, Sock Club, Sock Fancy or Foot Cardigan. Each month, Dad will receive a brand new, unique pair (or two) of socks that will prove further that your Dad is the hippest on the block.

DON’T get Dad a flashlight, a snuggie, or anything from the “As seen on TV” section at the store (unless he specifically asked for one, but save it for another time!) Most all of us have an app for a flashlight or already own a heavy duty Maglight. We have sweaters and love bacon from a frying pan.

DO get Dad a couple of tickets to his favorite sporting event, along with a jersey or t-shirt of his favorite player.

Whether it’s a Longhorns sporting event, an NBA, NFL, MLB game or soccer match, get him a few tickets and let him know that you’d love to attend with him. To ensure this, purchase enough tickets for the people in your immediate family. Along with the tickets, get Dad a jersey or shirt so when he wears it he will be reminded of the awesome gift and time he had watching his team with his family. If his favorite team is within driving distance, make a weekend out of it! If you really want to WOW Dad, get him season tickets; most teams offer mini plans, weekend only games, and half season tickets. We love going to games and there are many sports venues close enough to make a weekend of the gift. And don’t worry if the game is a few months out; that just gives us more time to prepare for the trip and make sure we have everything planned accordingly at work.

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DON’T forget about that first time Dad or Dad who just recently had a baby. Mom and Dad are sleeping only a few hours a night and are extremely sleep deprived during this hectic time and may forget about any holidays coming up. I know when my oldest was born, I didn’t think of anything but making sure baby and Mom were okay and comfortable.

DO get a new Dad a new diaper bag! I know what you are thinking, “A diaper bag, really?” My answer to you is, “Why do Moms only get to carry the trendy diaper bags for the kids?” There are a ton of new diaper bags that are being specifically designed for Dads like TacTikes, Diaper Dude and Dad Gear. While unique and most likely unexpected, a cool, new diaper bag will be put to good use and Dad will appreciate not having to carry around a bright pink, paisley-patterned bag every time he heads out with the kids.

DON’T get Dad another tired bottle of the same Big Brand whiskey or six-pack of beer. He’s probably been itching to try a new brand, but just hasn’t pulled the trigger on getting something he is less sure about when he already has his tried-and-true favorites. With all the great local options Austin has to offer, you would be doing Dad a disservice not to encourage him to broaden his tastes!

DO get Dad a bottle of his favorite spirit. My favorite is tequila and I would love to get something I have never tried before (Hint, Hint). Don’t be afraid to splurge on a higher end bottle of spirits. You know Dad deserves it!

Still Stumped on what to get Dad?

If all else fails and you do not know what to get Dad, my advice is just spend some time with him. Getting all these awesome gifts listed above would be great and any Dad would love these kinds of gifts, but nothing beats quality time with the family.
DO absolutely spend some time with Dad, that’s what every Dad wants on Father’s Day.

To all the Dads and father figures out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Josh Rodriguez – Texas Dad Blog

About the author: Josh is the founder of TexasDadBlog.com, a blog for Dads and families, too! He is a father of three, writing about Dad Life and parenting adventures, while featuring local awesome Dads on his blog and covering events happening in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. If you’d like to get in contact with Josh, you can email him at: texasdadblog@gmail.com.

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