Full Swing in Spring!

Backstage: Full Swing in Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and my favorite season brings both new and classic entertainment to the Frank Erwin Center! From rock bands whose careers have spanned decades, to young talent taking the nation by storm, there is a lot going on this spring. In the words of my father, “oldies but goodies” are classic shows, movies, bands, songs, etc. that will always remind you of some significant memory or milestone in your life. This time last year I was an intern here at the Frank Erwin Center and was preparing for life after graduation, trying to perfect my resume and start my career—oh and I might have had a slight case of senioritis too. Fast forward to today; I have a full-time job here at the arena which I love, am in the process of planning a wedding and I am able to get more sleep! Although time marches on, we all have that certain song, movie or band that helps us bring old memories back to life. Don’t miss out on the, “oldies but goodies” and newbies that will take the Frank Erwin Center stage this spring!

Your chance to see one of the most popular rock groups of all time is now! Bon Jovi is back in action, with new tunes to help inspire change and make a difference in the world. No need to worry, the band has several tricks up their sleeves to incorporate the timeless hits along with the new material!

RUSH—the legendary band that brought progressive rock to life—will rock the stage again at the Frank Erwin Center April 23. This time, the newly inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will bring a new element to the stage!

Last month, former World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman announced his return to boxing, but this time as a boxing promoter. Witness the first Foreman Boys Promotions event – Top Rank Texas Boxing Tour featuring North American Lightweight Champion Raymundo Beltran vs. Monty Meza Clay Saturday, April 27!

Due to the Oscar-winning documentary about Rodriguez, the search is over for the once obscure singer-songwriter! Decades after thinking his music career was over, Rodriguez is back and will bring his amazing artistry and talent to Austin fans Saturday, May 4!

Jinkies! There’s a musical mystery to be solved at The Theatre at the Frank Erwin Center! Looks like a case only Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang can solve. See Scooby-Doo Live! Musical Mysteries May 19!

The RED hot country-pop artist Taylor Swift is back for another sold-out concert May 21! With every year that passes and every album she creates, Swift continuously earns numerous accolades.

Looking for a creative singer-songwriter and record producer? Multi-talented artist Bruno Mars will make his Austin debut with an out of this world performance Aug. 14!

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