So what are YOU going to be for Halloween?

By Cambria Sawyer

We have all been that person; the one on October 30 who suddenly remembers what the next day entails and hasn’t the slightest idea of who or what to dress up as. How about a human cupcake or rocker legend? If this sounds more intriguing than trying to figure out how your lampshade can help you become a pirate half an hour before your party starts, let us give you a few ideas, all inspired by outstanding performers that have taken the Erwin Center stage by storm.

Boy George
Boy George

Photo courtesy of Frank Erwin Center

Remember that box of accessories you never wear that is currently hiding somewhere in the back of your closet? Now is the perfect chance to dig them out and summon your inner Boy George. Scarves, tassels, sequins, pom poms; you name it, it fits. If you can find some colorful braids to add to your hair, you’re ahead of the game. A wide-rim bowler hat is a must, and it might even come in handy for trick-or-treat candy. Take a loose fitting shirt with a wacky design and pair it with a black vest for some extra “umph.” Have fun with the makeup! Get creative with a blue or silver eyeliner and top it off with some vibrant eye shadow and blush. Add a scepter to your wardrobe and you’re ready to hit the Halloween scene. The more mismatched and colorful, the better. You were born to stand out!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry (208)

Photo by Gary Miller

If you’re wanting the wackiness of Boy George, but are feeling extra glamorous, then Katy Perry is your girl. If you remember nothing else, take this with you: you ARE a candy bar. Got a cute dress and some extra poster board laying around? Pick your favorite sweet treat and turn that poster into a work of art. A cupcake with sprinkles will work just fine for those of us who are less artistically gifted. A few safety pins will do the trick to fasten your creation to yourself. If you’ve got sparkles, use them all. Throw in a tiara for good measure. Glittery makeup with some fun, pink lipstick will top off your look and make you everyone’s “California Girl.”

Rick James
Rick James

Photo courtesy of Frank Erwin Center

To get Rick James’ signature look, rummage through the aisles at your local thrift shop and find an extravagantly printed and colorful blazer. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, see if you can find a severe v-neck leather body suit with a cape. Shoulder pads are a must! To get that perfect hairstyle, coat your wet locks in curl activating gel and let air dry. Finish off the look with some studded leather bracelets and fingerless gloves. Wear one earring, just for kicks. If you really want to get into character, make sure to sing “Super Freak” at the top of your lungs everywhere you go.

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler

Photo by Roy Mata

We know you’ve tried hitting the high note of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” in the shower, but it’s time to put your inner Steven Tyler out there for all the world to enjoy. If you still have feathers from the 2011-2012 feather hair extension craze, you’ve got a head start. Go for an “I-just-rode-in-a-convertible-and-let-my-hair-dry-that-way look.” Sorry, the hairbrush is off-limits. A scarf is a must. Pick out the most vibrant color you can find, then top it with some snazzy beaded necklaces. The rest of your outfit should stand out, but not with color. Aim for an earthy look when searching for clothing. Anything white, black, gray, brown, or muted green will do, then have fun mixing and matching. If you don’t have a ring on every single finger, you’re doing it wrong. After all, you are a rocker, now go rock this costume!

WWE Diva
WWE Natalya

To be a WWE Diva is no easy task, but it’s nothing that a little hairspray can’t fix. We are going for the “less is more” tactic with this one. Start sifting through the thrift stores for any and all things leather. If you can’t actually find a leather bustier and pair of shorts, no worries! See if you can find black pants or tank top that can be cut up. Stick with black, red, and pink when picking out accessories. A dark pink belt or some red string threaded into the tank top will do just fine and get excited about thigh-high socks. Darken the eyes with a bit of shadow and add some candy apple-red lipstick to counter the black. A subtle but important final touch is your demeanor on Halloween night. When it’s go-time, you are fierce and you know it. Carry yourself as if you are the epitome of sweet and ferocious, a true “Total Diva.”

Laser Spectacular

Photo by LoggaWiggler

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of their flashy performances, or you are the laziest costume-maker ever, becoming a Laser Spectacular show for Halloween is always a good choice. Sure, everyone will probably ask you what your costume is, but at least you’ll be memorable. Find a worn black sweater and pair of pants and glue as many glow sticks to them as you please. It’s honestly the easiest (and cheapest) possible costume to put together. Just make sure you don’t crack them before it is go-time spill glow juice everywhere. To get the full effect, jump up and down as if you’re attending a fist-pumping, bass-bumping EDM festival.

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