The Graduation Playlist

2014 Graduation Playlist

Graduation season is upon us at the Erwin Center! This Spring, nearly 14,000 college and high school students will walk across our stage to receive their well-deserved diplomas. As many of us know, graduation is an exciting and emotional time for both graduates and their families. Who knew you could be so happy and scared at the same time? Check out our graduation playlist to express each emotional stage of graduating.

When you’re panicking because graduation snuck up on you too quickly:

When you’re completely unmotivated to finish any of your schoolwork:

When you’re depressed because one chapter of your life is coming to an end:

When you’re terrified because you have no idea what’s next for you:

When you’re optimistic about the possibilities your future holds:

When you’re in denial that your mom isn’t going to be there to wake you up every day:

When you’re ecstatic because graduation day has finally arrived:

When you’re sad to part ways with your friends but you know you’ll always stay in touch:

When you’re proud because YOU JUST GRADUATED:

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