A Guide to UT Tailgating: Five Essential Job Functions

A Guide to UT Tailgating - Photo by Liz Land

It’s that time of the year again…the 2013 Texas Longhorn football season has (finally) begun! Of course, where there is Texas Football, there are Texas-sized tailgates. Here at UT, tailgating is a serious business. As a matter of fact, it’s similar to the way your office operates. Running your tailgate like an office might sound as dull as a Friday afternoon budget meeting, but it has its benefits. With clearly defined roles, the responsibility is subdivided and financial resources can be more effectively allocated. Now that we have the first tailgate of the season under our belt, here is our list of essential job functions needed to run a successful UT tailgate.

#1 Tailgate Manager

Photo by Robert S. Donovan (Flickr.com)

This grill is big enough, right guys? – Tailgate Manager

The tailgate manager plans, oversees and executes all tailgating operations. He or she must draft the best people for each tailgate responsibility and give them the tools necessary to succeed. This means knowing the right people with the right supplies, specifically a truck, a barbecue pit and a tent. Probably the most important responsibility of the manager is to set up the tailgating site’s logistics. The City of Austin, State Capitol and UT parking lots have various rules and regulations for tailgating. Some spaces require season-long permit purchases, while other spots open up at 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

#2 Tailgate Marketing Rep

Photo by Johan Loman (Flickr.com)

People still use MySpace right? – Tailgate Marketing Rep

Whether it’s creating the Facebook event page (mandatory in 2013 for any social event) or finding the right mix of people who love Texas Football, the marketing rep knows how to maximize exposure and turn any social event into a party to remember.  Your marketing rep should also mingle/network with other tailgates and fraternize with other Longhorns outside your social circle. In a few months, perhaps y’all will be throwing a special BCS Championship edition tailgate in Pasadena.

#3 Tailgate Accountant

Photo by Karin Dalziel (Flickr.com)

I used the entire budget for brisket and face paint so we’ll be using grandma’s TV – Tailgate Accountant

If you’re lucky enough to have an accountant in the bunch, you’re set for the season. This individual will know how to best optimize your tailgating budget and plan ahead for future tailgates.  That means allocating the cost per pound of meat for every patron and buying in bulk to maximize ROI.

#4 Tailgate HR Rep

Photo by Mat_the_W (Flickr.com)

My bad, I thought the other team’s mascot was a chicken – Tailgate HR Rep

Just like how HR has to understand the office dynamic in order to maintain a civil workplace, the tailgate HR rep must match the needs and tastes of your tailgating crew with appropriate beverage/food quantities and varieties. You may consider alterations to the menu depending on the sorry opponent about to be defeated: frog legs for TCU, steaks for Texas Tech, and chicken for OU. The HR rep must also provide multiple forms of entertainment. Some options are pigskin, cornhole, pong-related activities, and if you’re fancy, a TV set.

#5 Tailgate Intern “The Rookie”

Photo by Kyle James (Flickr.com)

Everybody likes their burgers rare right? – Tailgate Intern

The miscellaneous tasks drop to the rookie’s lap from the higher ups, including waking up at the crack of dawn to reserve the tailgate spot, being the point person for directions and parking, lifting heavy objects, buying more ice and (the worst) picking up people who don’t/can’t drive.

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