10 Things You Learn From Your Dad

Happy Father's Day from the Frank Erwin Center (image from freepik.com)

With Mother’s Day  becoming a distant memory, it can only mean one thing: it’s summer time! It ALSO means that it’s almost time to celebrate that other parent we all know and love. Of course we’re talking about Father’s Day, that great day in June when ties are flying off the shelves of department stores and steaks are flying off the shelves at the supermarket. We decided to celebrate the day by sharing 10 things you learn from your dad.

1. You’re never too old for toys.

You're never too old for toys - Photo by Steve Jurvetson (flickr)

2. How to grill the perfect steak.

Grill the perfect steak - Photo by _BuBBy_ (flickr)

Step one: always use charcoal

3. Dad is always right… until overruled by Mom.

Dad overruled by Mom - Photo by no lurvin here. (flickr)

You did what to the who and the dog is where?

4. How to hit the correct nail when hammering.

Hit the right nails

Hint: only use a hammer with the nails on the right

5. Aging is inevitable.

Silly Dad - Photo by Amy Gahran (flickr)

Just don’t forget to be silly from time to time

6. How to let loose, have fun and face your fears.

Father and son - Photo by heymarchetti (flickr)

And don’t be afraid to get wet

7. That someone is always rooting for you.

Biggest Fan - Photo by David Reber (flickr)

Plus if the ump makes a bad call, he’ll be all up in his grill

8. How to fix things on your own.

Duct Tape Dad - Photo by Brian Cribb (flickr)

Dads know that you can fix ANYTHING with duct tape

9. To never, ever give up.

Never give up - Photo: Alex Indigo

Or let go…

10. And that there is no one prouder of you than him.

Proud Papa - Photo by Dave Parker (flickr)

So don’t forget to say thanks to good old dad! Happy Father’s Day from the Frank Erwin Center and enjoy this video of the Father’s Day Anthem:

Happy Father’s Day graphic Designed by Freepik. All other photos are used via the creative commons license and are from Flickr.

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