Why is Luis Miguel Considered “El Sol de Mexico?”

Living in Texas, we all dread the scorching heat that seemingly melts our shoes to the pavement, leaves us in a whimsical state of complaint and crisps us with a nice summer (sometimes fall) tint.  So, with the sun being such a negative topic sometimes, what is the explanation behind Luis Miguel’s nickname “El Sol de Mexico?” Well, with some logical figurative thinking, we took a jab at the explanation. Here, we’ll break it down for you:

Remember when your first grade teacher let you plant a seed in some dirt, and then you tracked its growth until it turned into a beautiful little plant? This lesson taught us the process of photosynthesis: the sun provides light to plants which helps them grow and fill the atmosphere with oxygen. Miguel, like the sun, has provided light to nourish the seed of traditional Mexican music and has kept it alive by sharing it throughout the world. Miguel is referenced as “El Sol de Mexico” in that he has successfully provided life to the roots of his culture and has enabled growth and recognition of Mexican music worldwide. Within the last three decades, Miguel has won five Grammys, four Latin Grammys and earned two platinum albums in the U.S.

So, in sum: The sun is essential to life and helps everything on this planet grow. Luis Miguel is essential to Mexican music. Because of his success, Mexican culture and music has grown and is shared around the world. Muchas gracias, Luis Miguel!

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