Monster Jam 101

MonsterJam - Albuquerque - Feb 14-16 - credit Anthony and Veronica Cordova

On April 26 & 27, 2014 the action-packed Monster Jam® tour will race its way to the Erwin Center for the very first time. Six trucks, weighing in at over 10,000 pounds each, will compete in a freestyle competition as well as side-by-side racing right here inside the arena!

Check out our crash course in Monster Jam racing and become an expert in no time!

Monster Jam 101:

Intro to Monster Trucks

  • Each truck is approximately 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide and 20 feet long and weighs anywhere from 10,000-12,000 pounds.
  • The body of the truck is made of fiberglass and is custom designed to portray the truck’s character or theme.
  • At 66 inches high and 43 inches wide, it takes around 50 hours to hand carve tires for these trucks.
  • Trucks will go through approximately five engines and eight tires each year.
  • Each truck is equipped with a Supercharged Fuel Injected Big Block American V8 motor with horsepower of 1350 – 2000+.
  • It can take more than 40 hours to paint the body of a monster truck.
  • Monster trucks reach speeds up to 70 mph.
  • Approximate cost to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain: $600,000

MonsterJam - Albuquerque - Feb 14-16 - credit Anthony and Veronica Cordova

Foundations of Race Day

  • About 700 cubic yards of dirt is used for an arena course.
  • Cars, vans, buses and even airplanes are collected from local junkyards to be crushed during Monster Jam events. They all are returned to the junk yards after every event.
  • Approximately 3,000 cars are crushed each year by Monster Jam trucks around the world!
  • Monster Jam events draw in more than 4 million people worldwide every year.
  • Crews travel more than 45,000 miles per year for Monster Jam events.

MonsterJam - Albuquerque - Feb 14-16 - credit Anthony and Veronica Cordova

Principles of Monster Jam Safety

  • Most monster truck drivers sit in the center of the truck to have the best view of the track for weight distribution. Because of this, there is no passenger seat in a Monster Jam truck.
  • Seats are custom molded to each driver with head and neck restraints to keep the drivers secure.
  • All monster truck seatbelts employ a five point harness to restrain the driver’s body.
  • Drivers wear fire resistant suits, shoes, gloves and helmets.
  • 50+ point safety inspections are conducted before each show.
  • Trucks are equipped with a Remote Ignition Interrupter so track officials can shut off a truck at any time.
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