Nirvana Opening for The Beatles Feb 30 – Tickets Only $5!!

Beatles with Nirvana Show - April Fools

April Fools! Sorry to burst your bubble, but while we do wish this announcement were true, there is nothing like a little prank to raise excitement, especially since April Fools’ Day is next week. Even celebrities partake in this annual day of practical jokes and hoaxes. In case you need ideas, or just need a laugh, check out these pranks below.

Demi Lovato pranks Little Mix by showing up on stage in a Snowman outfit during her Neon Lights Tour!


Watch carefully as the Foo Fighters prank the Red Hot Chili Peppers live on stage. Wait. Are those ping pong balls? The best part is at 2:25 – the whole band starts losing it!


Carrie Underwood pranks Hunter Hayes by inserting a few screaming goats into his live show video when he opened for Carrie in Edmonton, Canada. The timing is perfect!


Apparently Brad Paisley has pranked everyone he’s ever toured with according to Examiner. Here’s Brad Paisley pranking The Band Perry.

And here’s Scotty McCreery getting Brad Paisley back by coming out on stage during Brad’s performance…dressed as Brad Paisley!


Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” hits the streets at SXSW and asks festival goers how they feel about non-existent bands with fake names in this hilarious yet cringe inducing bit.


Ellen and Bruno Mars team up to prank an innocent nurse who has no idea who he is. Bruno is barely able to keep a straight face!

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