Odd, Interesting and Different Tour Rider Requests

Odd, Interesting and Different Rider Requests - Photo by Rodrigo Moraes (flickr.com)

Have you ever wondered what an artist’s or band’s dressing room looks like? Trust us, they are not all the same, and we’ve had many different requests throughout the past 35 years. When we book an event at the arena, we receive a show rider – which is a document that lists all the specific tour rider requests for the show. Contact information, technical needs, security, billing, advertising, catering and dressing room requests – you name it, it’s there.

Photo by Miemo Penttinen (http://www.fotopedia.com/users/miemo)

We refuse to play until everyone is sitting down

The usual requests include water, tea, sodas, fruit, chips, couches or chairs and full length mirrors. However, we’ve had a few odd, interesting and different requests that we’d like to share. Of course, we’ll never reveal who requested what – but maybe you could take a guess. Ready and go!

  • One liter Pedialyte
  • Two small oxygen tanks, equipped with working masks and regulators
  • Three large Jasmine or Gardenia scented candles in glass or metal jars
  • Six GLADE candles (Angel Whispers or French Vanilla only)
Photo by Evil Erin (flickr.com)

20 long-stemmed, fresh-cut and completely de-thorned white roses

  • Sour gummy bears
  • Nivea brand chapstick
  • Nag Champa incense
  • Masseuse Room
  • Microwave
Public Domain Photo

Classy and Futuristic Furniture

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  1. Susan Rubin · October 6, 2013

    -Eucalyptus flavored toothpicks
    -organic honey
    -a variety of olives and pate
    -odd days: frosted flakes. even days: yogurt
    -an enormous f…uh…truckload of soda that the bus driver will take with him because he’s planning to have a parking lot sale at the end of the tour.

    -funniest rider experience: “roast chicken”. Artist arrives. “What the hell? Another roast chicken? I’m so sick of roast chicken. Why don’t we ever get anything besides roast chicken?”

  2. Marianne Martin · October 7, 2013

    – Ping Pong Table
    – 2 jacuzzis
    – Carpeted bathroom/shower area

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