Perfect Gifts for Every Valentine

By Becky Beggs

There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You either love it and look forward to it every year, or you hate it and lock yourself indoors every time Feb. 14 rolls around. Lucky for you, we’ve found the best Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone from your boss to your grandma, so no matter how you’ve felt about it before, this V-Day is sure to be the best one yet!

Best gifts for:

Seriously, who loves you more than your mom? Show her how much she means to you with a mom approved t-shirt. (Bonus points if you can add your own face to the design.) Flowers die and chocolate goes bad, but a wearable symbol of your devotion will make Mom smile every time she does the laundry.

The only thing sweeter than her baked goods is Grandma herself. Tell her how much you appreciate all the chocolate chip cookies and love by baking her some goodies from one of her own recipes! No matter how edible the final product may be, Grandma will appreciate that you used a family recipe (and she’ll probably take a bite, just because she loves you!).

Valentine’s Day may be known for its flowers, pink and red colors and girly traditions, but that doesn’t mean the most important men in your life can’t join in the celebration! Make a festive breakfast for your dad or granddad with their favorite breakfast staples! They’ll love the food, the fact that you prepared it and you’ll be able to get away with heart-shaped pancakes!

Photo by Tamsin Slater

Nobody knows your siblings better than you do! Send your brother(s) and/or sister(s) a handmade card with an acrostic of their names. Write down characteristics that tell your siblings all of the reasons why you love them and feel free to make it as silly or as sweet as you want!

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Significant other
Flowers, chocolate and greeting cards are all nice, but with the growing commerciality of Valentine’s Day, they’ve pretty much become the dinner-and-a-movie route to romance. This year, get creative on Valentine’s Day and make a picnic dinner! It can be as low-key as PB&J’s or as sophisticated as Prosecco. Trade out reservations and expectations for simplified romance and quality time.

Photo by Chloe Lim

Not-quite-sure-how-significant-this-is other
If you haven’t yet managed to define the relationship, you’ve probably been dreading Valentine’s Day and all of the uncertainty that will surely come with it. But don’t worry! Invite your maybe-beau to go with you to your favorite coffee shop. If you both decide to keep it friendly, a coffee date is totally acceptable and platonic. If you’re trying to make something more of the relationship, you’ll have a low-key excuse to spend time together.
coffee_skeddy in NYC

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Valentine’s Day gifting to your boss is a little bit tricky. You’ll want to avoid anything that would make your boss think a) you’re trying to win a promotion with chocolate, b) you hate them, or c) you’re in love with them. With this caution in mind, your best option would be a gift card to a nice restaurant and a brief, friendly note. You’ll gain favor without sending mixed messages.
boss_lucy abrams

Photo by Lucy Abrams

Sometimes all it takes to make your BFF’s Valentine’s Day great is a good laugh, so find a funny greeting card or a pair of cheesy matching accessories and enjoy knowing that at the end of the day, relationship or not, your friend will always be there for you.

Photo by VisionQuest

Don’t fur-get to show your pet some love this year, too! Warning: it is entirely possible, and all too easy, to spend more on festive Valentine’s Day gear for your pet than for people. But since your love for your pet is priceless, go ahead and buy that pink-and-red sweater, heart-shaped chew toy or even a second pet (you matchmaker, you!). Your wallet may be empty, but you’ll feel as warm and fuzzy as your pet does!

In the midst of finding something for everyone else on your list, don’t forget to pamper yourself a little bit too! Send yourself your favorite flowers, splurge on some chocolate-dipped strawberries or mail yourself a cheery card. There’s no shame in lovin’ on the person who knows you best—you!
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