New Year Resolutions for 2014!

2014 Resolutions (wikimedia)

It’s the end of another year, which means reflection on the happenings in 2013 and making plans for a prosperous 2014. For some, a new year means a fresh new start or new beginnings. Whether it’s the start of a new job, new city, new family or a new you – we wish you the best of luck in 2014. For those who need a little push in the right direction or just some good old motivation to try something new, here are some New Year resolutions from the Frank Erwin Center staff. Happy New Year!!!

In 2014 I plan to:

Drink more water

Lake Travis - Photo by mrlaugh (flickr)

“Share some of that with me brah” – Lake Travis

Learn how to be a DJ

DJ Shoes - Photo by Brian Henry Thompson (flickr)

Just let me lace up my lucky DJ shoes

Not eat lunch more than twice a week at my desk

Dirty Keyboard - Photo by AVRS (wikimedia)

Nothing a little compressed air can’t fix

Not put my feet through any more torture and wear comfortable shoes on a show day

Bunny Slippers - Photo by Bill Bradford (wikimedia)

What they lack in arch support they make up for in fuzzy ear quantity

Take less selfies

Less Selfies - Photo by Irish Typepad (flickr)

Sub-resolution: No selfies before putting my face on in the morning

Get the perfect bod by exercising and eating clean

WWE Divas - Photo by Roy Mata

I’m sure they don’t have to work out THAT much (PS – I don’t think I bend that way)

Conserve more energy

Sleeping - Photo by Adam Goode (flickr)

Jimbob is a big proponent of conservation

Augment my skills on my resume

Scooter Christensen Ball Spin - Photo courtesy Harlem Globetrotters

Microsoft Office: NOOB, Ball Spinning: EXPERT

Learn how to dance

Gala of the Royal Horses - February 21 at the Frank Erwin Center

Hey big boy, wanna dance?

Volunteer more and help those less fortunate

Soup Kitchen - Photo by Frankie Roberto (flickr)

No joke – help those less fortunate

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