Six Fried Foods of Texas

Isaac Russo (Deep-Fried Cuban Roll) and Justin Martinez (Fried Thanksgiving Dinner) - Photo by Kevin Brown (State Fair of Texas)

Isaac Russo (Deep-Fried Cuban Roll) and Justin Martinez (Fried Thanksgiving Dinner) – Photo by Kevin Brown (State Fair of Texas)

The weekend is near and if you’re making the trip to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry get ready to experience a football and food filled weekend! Any food or drink your heart desires is waiting for you in a deliciously fried batter. Need help deciding what to eat? Here is a preview of the new 2013 fried cuisines that are Big Tex (yes he’s back) approved:

1. Fried Thanksgiving Dinner (2013 Most Creative)

Stuffing and roasted turkey are rolled in a ball. Next it’s dipped in southern cream corn and rolled in seasoned corn meal – all fried to a crispy golden brown. Topped with zesty orange cranberry sauce and served with old fashion giblet brown gravy.

2. Deep Fried Cuban Roll (2013 Best Tasting)

A filling of pork shoulder, chopped ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and secret sauce is spread onto a slice of Swiss cheese, rolled up in pastry dough, and deep fried. Served with majo sauce.

3. Deep Fried BBQ Wontons

Hickory smoked pulled pork or chopped brisket stuffed in a wonton wrapper and deep fried until golden brown.

4. Deep Fried Spaghetti and Meatball

Pasta, Roma tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella are deep fried in a red lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit.

5. Deep Fried Chocolate Chip Burrito

Chocolate chip cookie dough fried in a flour tortilla. Served with chocolate or strawberry drizzle and whipped cream.

6. Awesome Deep Fried Nutella®(2013 Big Tex Choice Awards Finalist)

Cream cheese and Nutella® are whipped and spread over flaky Phyllo dough sheets, rolled up and deep fried. Served with a drizzle of honey and shaved almonds.

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