Work Conference Survival Guide

Conference Survival Tips - photo Jamie Brown

No matter what industry you’re in, you have probably attended the holy grail of work meetings, the conference: three to four days packed with panels, keynote speakers, networking events and, if you’re lucky, tons of fun.

Many Frank Erwin Center staff members attend professional work conferences throughout the year to help enhance their job performance with the ultimate goal of improving the overall experience of our guests. Our marketing team just recently returned from the Event and Arena Marketing Conference, our suites manager will be attending the Association of Luxury Suite Directors Conference, box office staff members attend PACnet and our directors attend huge industry conferences such as the IAVM VenueConnect Annual Conference, Billboard Touring Conference & Awards and Pollstar Live!

Work conferences are as informative as they are entertaining, but the only way to get the most out of a conference weekend is to be prepared. Check out our tips for work conference survival:

Always pack a sweater or jacket.
Conference Survival Tips - Sweater - photo Victoria Henderson
For some reason, it’s always the biggest rooms with the most people in them that are the coldest.

Bring snacks.
Conference Survival Tips - Snack - photo Seth Anderson
When you’re sitting in a long panel session, your stomach WILL rumble and everyone WILL hear it.

Make sure to check out local attractions in the city you’re visiting.
Conference Survival Tips - Segway Tourists - photo Alan Kotok
What’s the fun in visiting a new city if you don’t check out what it has to offer?

Don’t overindulge at happy hour.
Conference Survival Tips - Nappers - photo Brian Turner
Conference goers can smell a hangover from a mile away.

Learn your acronyms.
Conference Survival Tips - Conference Acronyms
You can’t learn about SEO and TRPs at the EAMC and CVPs at the IAVM if you don’t know what they mean.

Create a game plan.
Conference Survival Tips - Schedule - photo Jyri Engestrom
Most likely, there will be more panels and planned activities available than your time will allow, so know which ones are the most important to you.

Make time to see industry friends that you only see during conferences.
Conference Survival Tips - Friends at EAMC
Also, make new friends so you’ll have even more fun at the next conference.

Take advantage of celebrity photo ops.

Conference Survival Tips - Mark Henry - Celebrity Sighting at EAMC

Our assistant marketing manager with WWE‘s Mark Henry

Just think about how many hits that will get on social media!

Use the team building activities to your advantage.
Conference Survival Tips - Team Building at EAMC
Sure, no one really likes trying to unwind the human knot, but in the end it truly teaches you how to communicate and work well with your colleagues.

Take notes.
Conference Survival Tips - Taking Notes - photo Jacob Botter
When your boss asks you what you learned at the conference, you’ll be ready for an entire presentation.

Absorb as much information as you can.
Conference Survival Tips - Absorbing Information - photo Jeffrey Zeldman
That’s what these conferences are for, right?

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