Keeping Austin Weird with Uncommon Instruments

Unusual Instruments - Zeusaphone - Photo by Dracoswinsauer (Wikimedia Commons)

Today is National Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day, a day to celebrate and learn about different musical instruments that you don’t normally see in a concert or performance.

From keytars to recorders to rhinestone covered pianos, the Erwin Center has seen its fair share of odd, rare and downright bizarre musical instruments. Check out some of the most uncommon instruments we’ve had on our stage over the years.

Bag pipes from The Black Watch and Band of the Scots Guards.
Unusual Instruments - Black Watch - Photo by Gary Miller

Photo: Gary Miller

Imagine Dragons’ giant taiko drum.
Unusual Instruments - Imagine Dragons Drum - Photo by Rick Kern

Photo: Rick Kern

This experimental musical instrument from Blue Man Group.

Unusual Instruments - Blue Man Group - Photo by Gary Miller

Do you have a name for this contraption?

Photo: Gary Miller

La Sombra’s accordion.
Unusual Instruments - La Sombra - Frank Erwin Center

Photo: Frank Erwin Center

Sesame Street Live’s musical spoons.
Unusual Instruments - Sesame Street Spoons - Photo by Gary Miller

Photo: Gary Miller

Stevie Ray Vaughn’s iconic Fender Stratocaster.
Unusual Instruments - SRV Guitar

Photo: Frank Erwin Center

Cyndi Lauper’s playful recorder.
Unusual Instruments - Cyndi Lauper Recorder

Photo: Frank Erwin Center

Bo Diddley’s square guitar.
Unusual Instruments - Bo Diddley's Guitar

Photo: Frank Erwin Center

Liberace’s extravagant mirrored piano.
Unusual Instruments - Liberace Piano

Photo: Frank Erwin Center

Journey’s epic keytar.
Unusual Instruments - Journey Keytar

Photo: Frank Erwin Center
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