Unexpectedly Awesome Cover Songs


To be honest, we generally don’t take kindly to bands coming in and deciding they want to revolutionize a classic song that has grown near and dear to our hearts. On the other hand, what if this newer band or artist is someone we also love? Or better yet, what if the new version actually turns out to be pretty jammin’? Many have tried and failed to find that perfect balance between an original and their own unique version, but others have found true cover song success.

Check out some of our favorite unexpectedly awesome cover songs:

Johnny Cash “Hurt” – original by Nine Inch Nails

White Stripes “Jolene” – original by Dolly Parton

Mark Ronson “Toxic” – original by Britney Spears

Dixie Chicks “Landslide”- original by Fleetwood Mac

Adele “Last Nite” – original by The Strokes

Cake “I Will Survive” – original by Gloria Gaynor

The Flaming Lips “Borderline” – original by Madonna

The Gourds “Gin and Juice” – original by Snoop Dogg

The Arctic Monkeys “Hold on We’re Going Home” – original by Drake

No Doubt “It’s My Life” – original by Talk Talk

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