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#ErwinCenter40: Applause Flashback

It’s time to take another stroll down memory lane. Before the Applause Blog landed a spot on your digital doorstep, it was a print publication published monthly. Applause: The Entertainment Monthly of The Frank Erwin Center was printed from 1980 to 2013. That’s about 390 issues!

The tabloid contained features on bands coming to town, news, quizzes, contests, discounts, local advertisements and a witty letter from the editor in each issue. You could pick up a copy here at the Frank Erwin Center, or for only $12 a year (1992 pricing) you could get Applause issues delivered to your real-life doorstep.

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A Midsummer’s Blast From The Past

In June of 1985, Applause was talking about the “scrappy, rebellious” Tom Petty who was set to perform in Austin July 3. Nine years into his career at that point, Petty had made a name for himself that was sure to last. He continued to return to the Frank Erwin Center over the years. This year, he sold out the arena in his 11th visit to the Frank Erwin Center for his final “40th Anniversary Tour.”

June of 1988 was all about “Just saying no!” In support of National Drug Prevention week, the Frank Erwin Center distributed free posters printed with the messages “Rock Without Drugs” and “Turn On the Music, Turn Off the Drugs.” The campaign was an effort to combat the stereotype at the time that rock concerts led teenagers to get involved with drug use. Director of the Frank Erwin Center Dean Justice mentioned that he hoped the posters would be collectors items one day. Anyone have a print of these?

When June 1990 rolled around, the big news around town was Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation World Tour. The tour was setting records across the country and had just been added to the short list of double headers in Frank Erwin Center history. The excitement hasn’t fizzled, as Ms. Jackson returns to the Erwin Center Sept. 10 for the State of the World Tour.

Ring Ring. Remember when we didn’t have a cell phone to rely on? In June of 1997, the venue was getting hi-tech by partnering with Southwestern Bell for its new “Wireless Phone Booth featuring Loaner Phone On-call Service.” This free service was offered to guests who wanted to have a phone number to leave at home in case of emergencies. All they had to do was register their name and seat number when they arrived for the show and the service was free. Pretty neat!

How much do you know about the Federation? This June 1998 issue featured a quiz on your World Wrestling Federation (WWF) knowledge. WWF was officially renamed World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002 and morphed into the WWE brand we know and love today. Will the real WWE fans please stand up -and ace this 1998 quiz?

We’re celebrating our 40th Anniversary! Click here to share your memories on the Frank Erwin Center guestbook!

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