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‘Tis The Season To Enjoy These Great Austin Activities

By Chandler Myers

Texas is a very popular state for visitors and travellers. According to the Office of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism, Texas received an estimated 255 million visitors in 2015. There are lots of different reasons for this, but it is probably largely due to the different cities there. There is an abundance of things to do in Houston, Texas‘ most populous city. Dallas and El Paso are also common destinations. But Austin, the capital city of Texas, is perhaps the most popular of all. A lot of people seem to travel from all over to visit Texas once the festive period comes around. We would warn people to drive safely into this area as it is so busy. Just like any other road, there is always the chance of accidents, especially when drivers may be distracted by some of the Christmas lights and decorations. If any drivers do get into an accident, it’s important to consider getting in touch with a Bakersfield auto accident lawyer, or another lawyer in the local area, to make sure the victims get some compensation to cover any damage to their vehicle. To avoid this, make sure to drive extremely carefully and focus on the road at all times. Then, there will be so many opportunities to look around once cars are parked.

This is especially true now the holiday season is finally here! Austin is home to many different holiday activities, each giving the city its own unique feel. With an abundance of hotels and restaurants, Austin has got the vacationers’ boarding and lodging covered as well. Besides the luxurious hotel designs, most of these modern facilities feature on-site spa services, outdoor pools with hot tubs, poolside bars and fitness centers. Of course, as this area is so popular, prices are rising for hotels and other accommodation options. This leads to some people having to take loans out to afford this trip. In order to take a loan out, an individual needs to have a good credit score. This can be checked by using the services offered by Credit Sesame (people can read this credit sesame review here if they’d like). If the credit score is good, people will be able to borrow a healthy amount of money. They can then take their annual trip to Texas.

Prior to the festive season, some of these amenities undergo thorough repairs and renovation wherever necessary to be ready to handle the high footfall of vacationers. To achieve consistency in sturdiness and build quality, contractors are pushed to shop for nails, screws, adhesives, and sealants online from top-quality portals like the Tradefix Direct website or something similar. As for construction materials, they seek out local suppliers who can deliver the goods on time and in the desired quantities. The later aspect is especially important to ensure the place is ready in time for the festivities.

With so many festivities to celebrate the holidays, we have you covered with our top 5 things to do in Austin during the holiday season.

1. Journey through the Trail of lights

Austin Trail of Lights has been a staple in Austin for 52 years and is the second largest event in the city. This event is great for a date with a loved one, an outing with the family, or simply a trip with a group of friends. Enjoy live performances, warm hot chocolate, and a beautiful arrangement of lights at Zilker Park before it ends on December 23! It is free some days, including December 9-14 and December 18 and 19. While you’re already at Zilker Park, don’t miss the Zilker Holiday Tree! Standing under this 155 feet-tall tree will even give the Grinch a reason to smile during the holiday season. It’s tradition to spin under the tree for some holiday-induced nausea. Whether you want to spin to your heart’s content or simply want to enjoy the largest Christmas tree in Austin, this event is a must-see. The tree will be on display until December 31.

2. Spread some holiday spirit to the less fortunate

The Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa Campaign is growing each and every year thanks to the generous donations of Austinites throughout the city. With the help of Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water, the Texas National Guard, and a large variety of local business, APD provides meals and presents to families who otherwise would not be able to afford them. If this sounds like something for you, you can drop off toys at these locations or become a sponsor and adopt a family. Operation Blue Santa does its annual deliveries on December 16, but you can always donate to other Austin charities after that date.

3. Take in Austin’s weird vibe with the 37th street lights
Every year, the 37th street light show is a different pattern of wacky lights. If the Trail of Lights is too traditional for you, let your weird side out and stop by the 37th street lights. No one knows what they will look like, as they completely differ from year to year. These residents take great pride in their outrageous lights and would love to increase the amount of spectators. Add some spontaneity to your holidays and see what the 37th street lights have to offer this year!

4. Enjoy a variety of classic plays

Every year, Austin adds its own theatrical spin to the holidays with live performances of classic films such as A Christmas Carol, Elf, The Nutcracker, and others. Complete with music that spans genres and generations, these performances add another layer of holiday spirit and are great for fun and exciting family outings. Costs may vary. These events take place at the Zach Theatre and most run until December 31.

5. Skate on the Whole Foods Plaza

The Whole Foods ice skating rink has grown to be one of Austin’s top holiday traditions. If you are looking for an affordable way to ice skate in scenic downtown Austin, this is the place for you. Stop by the flagship Whole Foods in downtown Austin any time before January 15th and see why this has become such an anticipated event!

There you have it! Between now and the end of the holiday season, it is safe to say Austinites have their hands full with all of these festive events. Whether you want to gaze at the amazing Trail of Lights and take in the grandeur of the Zilker Park Christmas tree, feel like a kid again and ice skate on the Whole Foods plaza, or see firsthand how Austin makes the holidays weird, we have you covered. Austin has many more activities than this top 5 list, so if you can’t get enough there is always something new to explore this holiday season. Happy holidays!

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