Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

Fall Out Boy: The Evolution from Boy to MAN(IA)

By Max Rosenfield

Fall Out Boy has evolved immensely from when I first became a fan after hearing “Sugar, We’re Going Down” on the radio back in 5th grade. That song drove me to buy their second album “From Under the Cork Tree,” which would turn out to be one of the most influential albums of my childhood. My emo pre-teen self was looking for a release and it was bands like Fall Out Boy that helped me through that delicate point in my life. Fall Out Boy was the band that introduced myself and so many others to the Emo/Pop Punk wave that was so prominent in the mid-2000’s.

With their seventh studio album M A N I  A  just released on Jan. 22, 2018, Fall Out Boy further expanded their reach. The Emo/ Pop Punk roots are still present but M A N I A is a smorgasbord of EDM, Pop, and Hip-Hop. Originally planned to be released on September 15, M A N I A was delayed by four months because, according to a tweet from lead singer Patrick Stump, the album “wasn’t ready” and “felt very rushed.” M A N I A is currently in a battle for the top spot on the Billboard 200. If it charts at No. 1, this would be the fourth No. 1 album from Fall Out Boy since their 2007 release “Infiniti On High.”

Their new sound is much more approachable and has helped them expand their reach outside of the Emo/ pop Punk realm. Whether you like their new stuff more or their original sound the best, one thing is for sure- their show at the Frank Erwin Center  is primed to be a spectacle featuring songs from all phases of the bands monumental catalog. Get ready for Fall Out Boy to light up the Erwin Center stage on September 23! If you don’t have tickets yet, grab them while you still can on

Check out what to expect from the M A N I  A Tour in the video:


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