Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

15 Signs You’re a Michael Bublé Superfan


Are you a Michael Bublé SUPERFAN? Test your knowledge and let us know how many things you already knew from the list below!

1. Although he’s often touted as the voice of Christmas, you know he has seven albums without a single Christmas song on them.

2. You can name all twelve of his original songs.

3. You know he wasn’t always set on becoming a singer.
At 14, Bublé started working summers on his father’s fishing boat, thinking that would be his future.

4. You know the two countries in which he holds dual citizenship.
He was born in Canada and became a naturalized Italian citizen in 2005.

5. You know his music is all off the cuff.
He never learned how to read or write music!

6. You know how he got his start in show business.
He performed at the former Canadian Prime Minister’s daughter’s wedding, and after hearing him, Brian Mulroney convinced David Foster to sign him!

7. You’ve watched his two X-Files episodes enough times to quote them word-for-word.

8. Your signature scent is By Invitation.
This is the name of his perfume for women.

9. You wear your Vancouver Giants jersey to every sporting event.
He owns part of the team!

10. Your main will always be Michael Bublé, but you keep Mickey Bubbles on the side.
“Mickey Bubbles” was Bublé’s stage name as a child entertainer.

11. While you love his non-Christmas music, you know he keeps the holidays in his heart.
He has a heart condition that is literally called holiday heart syndrome.

12. You know that his “Mrs. Jones” is Emily Blunt!
He dated the actress from 2005-2008, and she sang background vocals on “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

13. You hate beets too.

14. You’re just waiting for Michael to hand you the mic.

15. You are terrified of spiders.
Did You Know? Stereotype.FM. found that Michael Bublé’s fanbase was the most scared of spiders at 72%.

Let us know another bit of Michael Bublé knowledge we missed! We can’t wait to see him here at the Erwin Center at his postponed show, new date TBA. In the meantime, check out his daily live videos on his Facebook page!

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