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Longhorn for Life

Applause Longhorn for Life Graphic

We’re throwing the horns up for our very own Jim L. Lloyd, UT Austin alumni and former Maintenance Manager at the Frank Erwin Center! Jim began his tenure when the venue opened in 1977, and kept the Erwin Center in top shape until he moved on in 1988.

When asked about his time working at the Erwin Center, Jim said “it was a wonderful time, a busy time, but very enjoyable. I got to see many shows and basketball games. The experience was memorable and I’m glad I was part of the Frank Erwin family.”

“Jim was very instrumental in the opening of the building and initial operations,” added current Frank Erwin Center Director Jimmy Earl. “A former Navy submarine operations commander, he was well versed in systems operations and personnel management. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

Jim was on hand for many milestones at the Frank Erwin Center, starting with the very first event at our venue: Texas Men’s Basketball vs. The University of Oklahoma on November 19, 1977. He was also present for the first concert (and first sellout!) at the Erwin Center, Lawrence Welk, which took place a few months later on March 12, 1978.

Applause 1977 Frank Erwin Center First Game Texas Men's Basketball vs OU
Pictured: Spectators arriving at the Texas Men’s Basketball vs. University of Oklahoma game held at the Frank Erwin Center on November 29, 1977
Applause Lawrence Welk Frank Erwin Center
Pictured: Lawrence Welk performing at the Frank Erwin Center on March 12, 1978

He continued on to witness the record-breaking John Denver concert on May 6, 1978, which drew the largest crowd ever recorded at the Erwin Center with an audience of 17,829. In addition, Jim was part of our staff during the very first two-night concert run at the venue on January 29 & 30, 1985, Prince’s Purple Rain Tour.

Applause Prince Purple Rain Frank Erwin Center
Pictured: Prince in the Purple Rain Tour at the Frank Erwin Center on January 29 & 30, 1985

Jim L. Lloyd is part of the storied history of the Frank Erwin Center, and was with us during some of the most defining moments of the venue. We were excited to recently present the 92-year-old with two arena seats in honor of his time serving the Erwin Center and the strong Spirit of Texas he has embodied for the majority of his life.

Applause Jim Lloyd UT Alumni
Pictured: Jim L. Lloyd, UT Austin alumni and former Frank Erwin Center Maintenance Supervisor

Thank you Jim, and hook ‘em!

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  1. Thank you, Frank Erwin Center team for this memorable write up about my grandfathers time at the Big Drum. He holds UT and the Erwin Center near and dear to his heart.

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