Sunday, 4 Jun 2023

Activity Sheet Fun: Erwin Center Game Night

Applause Activity Sheets

We’ve had a hankering for more at-home activities so we put together a fun activity sheet to while away the afternoon or evening! Download the activity sheet here. You can also check out a few entertainment recommendations and complete the Erwin Center-themed coloring pages if you’re looking for more to do. Enjoy these fun live event themed activities!

Word Search

ERC Activity Sheet Word Search

There are eight Erwin Center-related words hidden in this word search. Try to find them without looking at the word list first, in order to make it more of a challenge!

SpotlightBox OfficeFestivalConcert

Word Scramble

ERC Activity Sheet Word Scramble

Can you unscramble these words to reveal concert-related terms? Hint: some of these are phrases! 


ERC Activity Sheet Maze

Help the frontman/frontwoman find the stage! Backstage areas can be a little confusing, especially if artists are hopping from city to city. However, the show can’t go on with the lead singer! Since we don’t want to keep the audience waiting, we need your help to locate the spotlight.

Keep an eye out for Coloring Pages Pt. 2 to add to your repertoire of Erwin Center-themed fun! We love listening to music while completing activity sheets and coloring, and we have playlists ready for you. Check out some of our Spotify playlists to hold you over until concerts are back in session. Whether you’re in the mood for Michael Buble, Post Malone or a compilation of country artists, we’ve got you covered!

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