Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

Congrats to the Class of 2020 Grads of the Frank Erwin Center

The Frank Erwin Center had wonderful student employees this year, and we’re raising a toast to our Class of 2020 grads! We are proud to share the accomplishments and future goals of our graduating seniors, and give them the recognition they deserve for their valuable contributions to the Erwin Center.

Class of 2020

June Baek – University of Texas at Austin, College of Science
Frank Erwin Center Student Associate

Erwin Center Grads June Baek

Major/Degree: Nutrition

Involvement: I was part of numerous groups, but one group that highlights my UT experience would be Texas Royals, a UT spirit group.

Biggest Accomplishment: Graduating University of Texas at Austin and recently adopting a puppy!

Future Plans: I will be going to University of Houston pharmacy school this upcoming fall.

Alyssa Field – University of Texas at Austin, College of Liberal Arts
Ticket Seller at Frank Erwin Center Box Office

Major/Degree: B.A Linguistics with an Italian Minor and Digital Humanities Certificate

Involvement: E+E Asian American Culture Committee and Foundation Scholars Program

Favorite Erwin Center Event: It’s hard to choose! I always worked behind the scenes with ticket sales.

Biggest Accomplishment: Making connections and exploring aspirations and interests both outside and in the classroom. I am proud of how I spent my undergraduate experience. I have gained professional, academic, and personal growth over the last three years.

Future Plans: I will stay in Austin for the near future to gain more experience in various industries before heading off to graduate school!

Eryn Northcutt – University of Texas at Austin
Ticket Seller at Frank Erwin Center Box Office

Erwin Center Grads Eryn Northcutt

Major/Degree: Theatre Studies

Involvement: My sorority, Alpha Delta Pi

Favorite Erwin Center Event: Basketball games!

Biggest Accomplishment: Getting my dream job before my senior year came to an end!!

Future Plans: I will be working as a Kindergarten Teacher at Austin Achieve Elementary School.

Dylan Joseph Seitz – University of Kansas
Marketing Intern at Frank Erwin Center

Erwin Center Grads Dylan Seitz

Major/Degree: Sports Management with a minor in Business Administration

Involvement: I was a part of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and was in the Sports Management Club.

Favorite Erwin Center Event: Post Malone

Biggest Accomplishment: Finished above a 3.0 GPA for my undergrad.

Future Plans: Would like to get an entry level job in the banking industry.

Jade Gloria Tucker – University of Texas at Austin, College of Liberal Arts
Ticket Seller at Frank Erwin Center Box Office

Major/Degree: International Relations and Global Studies with a Social Work Minor and Business and Public Policy Certificate

Minor: Social Work

Involvement: Mount Nebo, UT Ignite, Minority Women Pursuing Law, Innovation for Peace and Development, Texas Gospel Fellowship

Favorite Erwin Center Event: Harlem Globetrotters

Biggest Accomplishment: Studying abroad in Ghana and interning abroad in Singapore. I worked with students and my professor for my LAH Class: Nonprofit/Philanthropy to donate $65,000 to several local and international non-profit organizations this semester.

Future Plans: Taking a gap year but will apply to Graduate School or Law School, still deciding. I am looking to fill my gap year through service-oriented organizations.

Thank you Class of 2020 grads for all of your hard work, and congratulations on your incredible achievements! Hook ‘em!

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