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Ticket Stub Craft Ideas

Ticket Stub Craft Ideas

Frequent live event-goers know the struggle. How many ticket stubs from past shows do you have laying around? I mostly use them as bookmarks, but every so often I’ll come across a random ticket that will bring a rush of memories back to life. Since mobile tickets are all the rage now, I always print mine out for a paper keepsake. I love the little reminders of the incredible shows I’ve seen live! However, they’re starting to pile up, so I’ve been searching the web for crafty and creative ways to store my ticket stubs in a way that keeps them visible. I’ve compiled my top 10 favorite ideas in this handy list for you!

Ticket Stub Scrapbook/Journal

Like baby books and photo albums, you’ll love pulling out your ticket scrapbook to bask in memories for years to come. I started a scrapbook page for a Killers show I attended a while back, and included a ticket stub, the setlist, photos of the night and a piece of the confetti I caught at the end of the show! Since I’m someone who loves collecting these little remnants from concerts, it’s nice to have a place to keep them all together.

If you don’t have the time to create scrapbook pages for the millions of concerts you’ve been to, a journal works just as well! You can keep tickets in plastic sleeves, create a collage of tickets by year, or paste them in a journal with a short excerpt of your experience.

DIY Scrapbook

Concert Photo Frame

When I was creating my scrapbook pages, I wanted to do something special for the significant shows I’ve seen in the past few years (Paul McCartney at ACL deserves extra attention!). If you want to display memories from a certain show, just frame them! This takes no extra work than creating the scrapbook page, besides finding a frame of the correct size. Keep it simple by using a photo of your concert crew with the ticket stub pasted at the top!

Framed Ticket Stub Collage

Do you like the collage idea for the journal, but don’t want to shut your ticket stubs away in a book? Try framing the collage! I’ve seen amazing photos online of framed collages, and am itching to create my own. It’s a great showcase of the live entertainment you’ve experienced, and is a great talking point when you have guests over. If you have a ridiculous amount of ticket stubs laying around, try creating multiple collages by year, genre, city, etc.

Ticket Stub Crafts Collage

DIY Ticket Stub Collage

Create a Ticket Stub Wallet

Ticket stub wallet? To hold ticket stubs? Groundbreaking.

All jokes aside, I experienced a flash of nostalgia when reading about DIY ticket stub wallets. They remind me of the duct tape wallets we all used to make in middle school, but so much cooler! I also love the idea of using it specifically to hold concert tickets. I don’t know about you, but I have been late to a show because I spent way too much time searching for tickets I bought in advance. Problem solved! This is also a neat gift idea if you’re willing to let go of some of your ticket stubs.

Drop-In Shadowbox

If you don’t want to spend the time and effort required to build a shadow box, there are great drop-in shadow boxes you can purchase online. This is a wonderful piece of wall art, and you can customize it by creating a sign at the top reading “admit one,” “good times,” “concert memories,” or something similar. From there, just drop your tickets in the box at the end of the night!

Ticket Stub Craft Ideas Memory Box

Shadow Box How-To

Fill a Clear Glass Lamp

Literally shine a spotlight on your ticket stubs by using them to fill a clear glass lamp! This is one of my favorite ideas. It takes little effort, and turns the design vibe in your home up a notch. I love unique home décor, and this is would definitely make a one-of-a-kind light source.

Ticket Stub Craft Ideas Fillable Lamps

DIY Fillable Lamps

Decorate a Glass Table

Feeling a little more ambitious than the glass lamp idea? Why not go for a glass coffee table! It takes quite a bit more work, but the finished product will be unparalleled. I’m intrigued by the idea of doing this with a couple of smaller side tables in the living room.

Ticket Stub Craft Ideas Glass Table

DIY Glass Table

Create Ticket Stub Magnets

This one is GENIUS. Make magnets out of your ticket stubs to decorate your fridge! This is as simple as purchasing small magnets and adhering them to the backs of tickets, and voila! I’m constantly poking around in the fridge, so this project would definitely keep my ticket stubs visible.

Ticket Stub Craft Ideas Magnets

DIY Concert Ticket Magnets

Decorate with a Photo String

Here is another wall art idea! Photo strings with clips are a common room decoration, so try hanging your tickets stubs from the clips instead! Spruce them up by adding fairy lights, or pairing each ticket with a photo from its respective show. These seem fairly easy to make yourself, but there are many photo strings available for purchase online if you want to get this up in your space right away.

DIY Photo String

Bookmarks 2.0

I can’t believe I’ve been using ticket stubs as bookmarks for years without ever thinking about self-laminating them! A lot of mine are faded and barely discernable any more, a problem easily fixed with clear packing tape. When I saw this on the internet, I immediately busted out the clear packing tape I keep in the junk drawer and got to work. Now I have a bunch of durable bookmarks I can use for years to come! I love keeping my old ticket stubs between the pages of my favorite books, and now I don’t have to worry about the ticket getting ratty.

DIY Bookmarks

There are countless ways to preserve old tickets, from almost no-effort projects to crafty structural endeavors. Have you discovered a creative way to keep your tickets in the spotlight? Let us know in the comments!

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