Sunday, 4 Jun 2023

Print-Out Coloring Pages: Part 2

Applause Print-out Coloring Pages

Print-out coloring pages are back! We’ve created a few more Erwin Center-themed canvases to tide you over in social isolation. Color in your favorite concert memory or envision a live show you’ve always wanted to attend!

Drum Kit

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Keith Moon, Sheila E., Ringo… join the ranks of great drummers with a self-portrait! Or mix it up with a crayon rendition of your favorite drummer, real or fictional (might we suggest Animal from the Muppets?). Whatever you decide, the stage is set up and awaits your creativity!


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Honestly, one of our favorite parts of live entertainment is loading up on delicious concession food. We can always count on 1883 Provision Co. to bring culinary deliciousness to the Erwin Center, whether it’s hot dogs, pretzels or popcorn! Warning: this print-out coloring page may be the cause of major arena food cravings.


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The last of our print-out coloring pages features a lead guitarist rocking out during a show. Bring this rockstar to life with color! What was the last live event you attended before the lockdown?

We are looking forward to our rescheduled Michael Buble, Lauren Daigle, and Chris Stapleton shows in 2021. For more at-home fun in the meantime, check out our first round of coloring pages and our Erwin Center-themed activity sheet!  

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