Sunday, 4 Jun 2023

Legendary Tour Costumes on the Erwin Center Stage

Applause Legendary Costumes

The Frank Erwin Center has spotlighted fashion throughout its history; not only in the annual UT Fashion Show, but also on the concert stage. Tour costumes are more than just a fashion choice. They can serve to elevate a performance and create more vivid concert memories. Some musicians have used costumes as a tool to define their artistry and brand, such as Elton John and Steven Tyler. Read on to take a look at some of our favorite looks from touring shows at the Erwin Center!

Communicating Musical Styles

Entertainers often use costumes to communicate and convey their musical style to their audience apart from their sound. For instance, Earth, Wind and Fire‘s bio on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website reads “Earth, Wind and Fire took jazz, soul, gospel, pop and more and wrapped them in one psychedelic, mystical package.” The boldly innovative group reflect the style of their music with the style of their concert outfits. Similarly, Korn, known for pioneering nu metal, definitely used their tour costume choices to look the part on tour at the Erwin Center.

Wearability of Tour Costumes

Another aspect to consider is the wearability of performance outfits. The structure and materials must allow mobility as many artists accompany their vocals with choreography. This is especially the case for singers like Katy Perry and Madonna, who are known for the spectacle of a full-fledged entertainment experience. Therefore, tour costumes must not only match the aesthetic of the artist and tour, but must also keep the artists themselves comfortable on stage. Props to all the costume designers out there who make our favorite pop concerts possible!

Style Icons

And then, there are the iconic looks. Arguably, KISS wouldn’t be KISS without the classic face paint! Another example is the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. She has wowed audiences since her emergence on the music scene with her creative (and at times, controversial) looks. And you can’t leave out Cher, a style icon who has pushed the envelope throughout her career with bold fashion statements.

We miss you, as we know you must be missing live entertainment. When touring concerts come back, they might even be bigger and better than ever (if that’s possible) to make up for lost time! We are looking forward to our 2021 concert calendar and seeing you back at the Erwin Center. In the meantime, keep up with us on social media and the Applause blog! 

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