Sunday, 16 Jan 2022
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Clown Makeup 101

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Built To Amaze! will be here before we know it bringing with it incredible performers, beautiful animals and of course, hilarious clowns! The talented clowns you see at The Greatest Show On Earth® are mirth-makers who specialize in the fine arts of mime and pantomime, slaps and falls, comedy acrobatics, juggling and equilibristic […]

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Behind the Scenes with WWE Diva Natalya

WWE LIVE: ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA comes to the Frank Erwin Center Saturday, March 15 and the intensity will rise as the WWE Superstars and Divas prepare for WrestleMania XXX. But WrestleMania XXX isn’t the only thing fans are anxiously awaiting, this one will probably make them Open tubev and enjoy themselves a little after watching […]

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Top 10 Traditional Texas Holiday Foods

November marks the beginning of the holiday season and most people around the country will stick to the traditional oven-baked turkey with stuffing and apple pie, while Texans bring out the turducken, cornbread and empanadas in our Dallas, Fort Worth or Alamo Heights Homes! The holidays are always a great excuse for us Texans to […]

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15 Signs You Work In the Event and Arena Industry

If you’ve ever endured long days that turn into nights, a never-ending calendar of events, quick turnarounds and spent months planning for a three hour show… we feel you. Welcome to the event and arena industry. Where the party doesn’t stop till six in the morning… but you still have to go to work the […]

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