#ErwinCenter40: DIY Concert Crafts

Do you have a collection of ticket stubs? Old concert T-shirts? Random memorabilia from awesome shows with awesome friends?

This year, the Frank Erwin Center is celebrating its 40th anniversary. That’s 40 years of music, family shows, theater, sporting events and lots of fun in Austin, Texas. If you have an awesome collection of memorabilia and haven’t figured out how to display it, we’re here to help.

1. Keep it simple.Scrapbooking.

Compile ticket stubs in a scrapbook. We like the idea of using one ticket per page and writing out a memory. This could also be a great gift for someone you shared those memories with!

2. Put it on display. Shadow Box.

A shadow box is a glass-front case that you hang up and fill with tickets as you collect them. Maybe add a cool background, like a map of #Austin.

3. Make it useful. Ticket Table.

Now we’re getting crafty! Use polyurethane to seal you ticket stubs into a glass-like table top. Click here for instructions. You can also use a table with a removable glass top for the beginner’s version of this project.

4. Add some comfort. Concert T-shirt Quilt.

We know you don’t want to throw those old tees away, even if they don’t fit. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a keepsake you can really be proud of.

5. Pin it up. Cork Board.

This is the quickest and easiest way to display your tickets. We suggest layering the tickets and using colorful push pins to add some pizzazz.

6. Make it one-of-a-kind. Ticket Stub Art.

Create a unique piece of art for your home. This awesome video will show you how.

Our tips:

-Make photo copies of your tickets and use those if your display involves gluing or altering them.
-Don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of items! Wristbands, play bills, photos…
-Share your creations. Tag @erwincenter and use #ErwinCenter40.

Happy crafting!

We’re celebrating our 40th Anniversary! Click here to share your memories on the Frank Erwin Center guestbook!

Visit the Frank Erwin Center website to see who's coming, and subscribe to Be the First to Know to get a jump on upcoming pre-sales and ticket giveaways.

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