Focus Your Free Hand on Some Coloring- Win Tickets to PBR!

The world’s premier bull riding organization, PBR (Professional Bull Riders) brings its Built Ford Tough Series to Austin on Sept. 16-17 for the Wrangler Long Live Cowboys Classic presented by Frontier Communications. Enter through the form at the bottom for your chance to win two tickets to the event!

Get ready for the big event by beefing up your PBR terminology. While you’re at it, try your hand at some coloring and de-stress. Any bull riding fan should know a bull rider’s “free hand” is the hand not used to grip the bull rope during a ride. The free hand must stay in the air throughout the ride or the rider is disqualified and receives no score.

Download Coloring Sheets: PBR Austin Coloring Pages

Other Professional Bull Riding terms you may want to know (adapted from

BUCKED OFF [buhkt awf]
A bull rider who is “bucked off” is thrown from the bull before the required eight seconds expire. The rider consequently does not earn a score.

BUILT FORD TOUGH SERIES PRESENTED BY WRANGLER [bilt fohrd tuhf seer-eez pri-zented bahy rang-gler]
The PBR’s “major league” tour is the 34-city Built Ford Tough Series presented by Wrangler. The Built Ford Tough Series features the PBR’s top 45 bull riders competing at each event throughout the year. A Built Ford Tough Series rider must win enough money to maintain his ranking among the top 45 bull riders.

CHUTE(S) [shoot]

A bull ride originates inside a gated steel box called a chute. There are typically six chutes at each PBR competition lined lengthwise at one end of the arena. However, some events have a set of six chutes at each end of the arena for a total of 12. The bull rider and bull remain in a designated chute until the arena is clear and the rider has strapped his hand in his bull rope. When the rider is ready, he nods his head, signaling the gate man to open the chute gate and allow the ride to begin.

“DOWN IN THE WELL” [doun in th’uh wel]

The expression “down in the well” is used by bull riders to describe a situation in which a bull is spinning in one direction and the force of the spin pulls the rider down the side of the bull into motion’s vortex. This is a dangerous scenario that often results in a bull rider getting hung up to the bull.

EIGHT SECONDS [eyt sek-uhndz]

Eight seconds is the amount of time a bull rider must stay aboard his bull to receive a score. During the eight-second ride, the bull rider cannot touch his free hand to the bull or himself or he will be disqualified.
Eight Seconds is the title of a 1990s movie based on the life of the late Lane Frost, a world champion bull rider who was fatally injured at the 1989 Cheyenne (Wyo.) Frontier Days.
Eight Seconds is the title of PBR’s official souvenir program sold at each PBR Built Ford Tough Series event.

FREE HAND [free hand]
A bull rider’s free hand is the hand he does not use to grip the bull rope during a ride. The free hand must stay in the air throughout the ride. If it touches the bull, or the bull rider before eight seconds elapse, the rider is disqualified and receives no score.

GATE MAN [geyt man]
An event’s gate man is positioned in the arena in front of the designated chute from which a ride is about to start. The gate man, holding onto a nylon rope tied to the designated chute’s gate, waits for a bull rider’s cue to open the chute gate, thus allowing the ride to begin. The gate man must quickly open the chute gate as wide as possible and immediately get out of the way as the bull and bull rider exit the chute.

QUALIFIED RIDE [kwol-uh-fahyd rahyd]

When a rider makes an eight-second ride and is not disqualified, he has made a qualified ride and, therefore, earns a score.

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